Product Description

What would it be like if you never had to struggle to find the right words to help your clients?

What would it be like if you could craft powerful healing stories that stick with your clients?

How would it be if you could elicit dramatic transformations, customized to each client, beforestorytelling hypnosis blog they even close their eyes?

All of this is possible—and more—when you learn the art of hypnotic storytelling and metaphor from a true master of the craft.

In this course, filmed live with a group of hypnosis and NLP students, master storyteller James Hazlerig reveals the secrets of this ancient art, including how to:

  • find metaphors and stories
  • create new metaphors and stories during a session
  • captivate and entrance an audience
  • deploy stories to accomplish change
  • embed suggestions in stories
  • structure a simple story
  • create Ericksonian nested loop stories

Along the way, you’ll hear various stories from the master storyteller himself, as well as tales crafted by his students. This course is an excellent first step on your journey to being a great hypnotic storyteller.

What you get:

  • 17 Video Lessons Recorded Live
  • 17 Audio Recordings (on mp3) for Auditory Learners
  • 1 pdf Course Manual

Bonus: 1 Downloadable Hypnosis Session to Enhance Your Skills